CfD scheme to return money to electricity suppliers for the first time

Around £39 million is to be returned in the first quarter of 2022

Is your energy supply clean or greenwashed?

Discover why not all energy suppliers are as green as they claim to be.

Power cuts – don’t get left in the dark

On the 9th August, a significant power cut across the UK caused 300,000 homes and businesses to lose power, affecting a total of 1 million people.
The National Grid worked quickly to fix the issue and are investigating its cause, but it left many businesses wondering: could this happen again?

UK watchdog rejects SSE, EDF’s appeal on transmission charges

The competition watchdog has dismissed EDF and SSE’s appeal against Ofgem’s decision on transmission charges. In 2016, SSE had requested a change to industry rules about charges paid by electricity generators for using the transmission system, which would have resulted in them receiving a £120 million rebate from National Grid. It argued generators in Britain […]

New combustion plant emissions controls passed by Parliament

Restrictions on air pollution from combustion plants and generators have been passed by Parliament this week. Unregulated medium sized combustion plants (MCPs) and generators, commonly used to heat hospitals, hotels, offices, prisons and other large buildings as well as power some industries, are currently a significant source of pollution. The new rules are expected to […]

Ofgem rejects £120m rebate request for generators

Ofgem has rejected a request to modify rules that would have resulted in generators receiving a £120 million rebate funded by consumers. Generators claimed their network charges in 2015/16 exceeded the €2.50 (£2.23)/MWh cap on transmission charges paid by them, which is set under EU regulations. The proposal was requested by SSE in March 2016 […]

Independent green generators supply 7.6% of UK power

Independent renewable generators currently supply 7.6% of UK power demand. The total green capacity from independent generators is almost 11GW, which is 40% of the country’s green power, a new report from SmartestEnergy revealed. It added more than 5,400 renewable projects were developed last year, providing around £1 billion of electricity – enough energy to power more than 6.2 […]

Ofgem investigates five electricity generators

Ofgem has launched investigations into five electricity generators in the UK. The regulator said it wants to see if they provided misleading or false information about planning consents for some units that took part in a capacity auction last December. The UK Government’s Capacity Market allows operators to bid for contracts in annual auctions to […]

More detail on CfD payments for low carbon energy

The Government has published more details of the mechanism for supporting low carbon energy, the Contracts for Difference. CfDs pay the generator the difference between the cost of investing in a particular low-carbon technology, called the ‘strike price’ and the average market price for electricity, known as the ‘reference price’. Generators will still operate as […]

New Ofgem powers to avoid wholesale energy market fiddling

The Big Six energy suppliers will have to reveal the prices they buy and sell wholesale electricity under new plans from Ofgem released today. Fears of energy price manipulation were prompted earlier this year when a whistleblower flagged up strange behaviour in wholesale buying market. It gave extra heat to plans for reforming the energy […]