Is your energy supply clean or greenwashed?

Discover why not all energy suppliers are as green as they claim to be.

At Good Energy, we’ve been providing 100% renewable power sourced directly from UK generators for 20 years.

Lots of other energy suppliers claim to have a similar offering. But many are taking advantage of a loophole that means they’re able to sell 100% renewable electricity, despite not buying any power from renewable generators.

How is this possible? Watch our insight video to find out:

 If you want to make sure your power supply is sustainably sourced and genuinely supporting the growth of renewables, get a quote today.

Why choose Good Energy?

  • We source enough electricity directly from renewable generators to match all of our customers’ usage – paying generators a fair price for their power.
  • Unlike cheap ‘renewable’ suppliers, we’ve been recognised by Ofgem for providing a high level of support for renewable generators, helping the market to grow.
  • We’re more than just a supplier, helping businesses explore ways to become even more sustainable – from managing Feed-in Tariff administration to offering EV charge point installation.

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