Local wind turbines ‘could cut household energy bills by £350’

The government is reportedly looking at giving financial incentives to communities to bring more onshore wind into the grid

Electricity trade starts between Ukraine and the EU

It follows the successful emergency synchronisation of the Ukrainian and Moldovan grids with the European Continental Grid in March

What does energy industry think of Ofgem’s RIIO-ED2 draft determinations?

Will the regulator’s proposals bring brighter and cleaner days for the UK’s grid?

UK rings in giant £20.9bn package to boost grid capacity

Revealing its much-anticipated RII0-ED2 draft determinations, Ofgem has proposed to slash returns for power distribution companies

Government slammed over ‘failure to ask EDF to keep Hinkley Point B open’

The Energy Minister has admitted that his department did not ask EDF to extend the operating life of the plant

Households to be paid to use energy off-peak

Families with smart meters will be paid to use less energy at peak times and reduce emissions

Lithuania seeks to cut ties with Russian grid earlier

Lithuania’s President said the fastest decoupling would increase the energy security of the Baltic countries

Octopus Energy got attracted to German winds

The British energy supplier has invested in a 35MW onshore wind farm in Hessen, near Frankfurt

Network operators ordered to improve storm responses

The government has published a plan requiring companies to review their severe weather processes

Switching off Britain’s wind farms has added £806m to energy bills

The cost of turning off wind farms in the UK reached a peak last year, according to a report