Avro Energy ordered to disclose financial information about its activities

Ofgem said failure to provide this information could potentially lead to a breach of the supplier’s licence conditions

Utility Point and People’s Energy go bust

Nearly 570,000 customers are expected to be affected by the closure of the two suppliers

EV chargers to be ‘preset not to work on peak hours to help the grid’

EV chargers at homes and offices will reportedly be preset to switch off for nine hours each weekday

Tesla batteries to bring more renewables to West Sussex grid

UK Power Networks connected one of the UK’s biggest battery storage power stations to the electricity network in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Nearly 85% of children are ‘concerned about air pollution’

Nearly half of parents don’t feel confident that they can understand what they can do to help fight against air pollution

Norwegian Government pledges £6.9m for Ocean Grid offshore wind project

The project will develop new technology and solutions to enable a ‘profitable development’ of offshore wind, particularly looking at the way offshore wind will be connected to the grid

Competition regulator clears National Grid’s acquisition of WPD

The Competition and Markets Authority has decided not to refer the merger for a phase 2 investigation

South West’s grid to get hydrogen injection

Independent regulator has greenlit Wales & West Utilities’ project to inject gas containing up to 1% hydrogen into its network in Swindon

ESB becomes major shareholder in So Energy

The acquisition of more than 75% stake in the energy company aims to create the “next big green energy supplier” in the UK

ENA invites net zero innovators in support of vulnerable consumers

The body is looking for partners to turn an idea into an innovation project that will benefit vulnerable households during the energy transition