Chinese firm backing Hinkley accused of nuclear espionage

The Chinese firm which is going to invest £6 billion in Hinkley Point is facing charges of nuclear espionage in the US. It has been alleged that China General Nuclear Power (CGN) tried to steal the country’s nuclear technology secrets. The news follows UK’s Government announcement in July to delay the nuclear project in Somerset. CGN will […]

Barry Gardiner: “Hinkley is not essential for UK’s energy security”

  Hinkley Point C is not essential for the UK’s energy security. That’s according to Shadow Energy Secretary Barry Gardiner who spoke to ELN about the government’s annoucement to delay its final decision on the nuclear project to be built in Somerset. Mr Gardiner said although Hinkley would meet 7% of the country’s electricity needs, there are other […]

Hinkley Point C timeline

  With all the news surrounding the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant planned for Somerset, here’s a timeline showing the story so far. From the government announcing nuclear as part of the future energy mix in January 2006 to EDF making a final investment decision in July 2016 and the UK Government delaying the decision […]

Hinkley delay: What do people think?

  The UK Government has delayed the construction of Hinkley Point C in Somerset. According to Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark, they are going to review “carefully all the component parts of the project” and make a final decision in early autumn. The announcement was a big surprise as EDF’s board members agreed to […]

Surprise blow to Hinkley Point as UK Government delays approval

The UK’s first nuclear power station for a generation is in fresh doubt after the government made a surprise announcement to postpone a final decision until early autumn. French energy giant EDF’s board gave the final green light for the £18 billion Hinkley Point project in Somerset yesterday following numerous delays. However within hours of […]

France ‘demands decision from EDF on UK’s Hinkley Point’

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron has reportedly called on EDF Energy to make a decision on investing in the Hinkley Point project. His comment follows the UK’s decision to leave the EU last week. Reports claim he said the vote will have “no consequences” for the nuclear project in Somerset. Mr Macron added any delay […]

Fresh blow to EDF’s Hinkley nuclear plans

The Hinkley nuclear plant has suffered a fresh setback as it has emerged French trade unions are “unlikely” to support the project “at its current state”. EDF is currently consulting with a committee, representing its staff and unions, which was launched earlier this month and is expected to last at least two months. That has […]

MPs call back EDF chiefs for Hinkley questioning

Senior representatives from EDF are being asked to return to Parliament to explain the further delay in making a final investment decision on the Hinkley nuclear project. CEO Vincent de Rivaz initially appeared before the Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC) last month to provide evidence regarding the status of the plans to build two […]

Hinkley nuclear investment decision delayed again

The final investment decision on the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in the UK has been pushed back again. EDF will now make the decision on whether to go ahead with the reactor project in September, France’s Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron told a French news outlet. The news comes after he previously said a decision […]

Amber Rudd: Hinkley delay risks emissions targets and energy bills hike

A delay or cancellation of the proposed Hinkley nuclear project in the UK could lead to an increase in energy bills and jeopardise the nation’s decarbonisation targets. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said while she is “fully confident” the project will go ahead, DECC has arrangements in place to ensure any delay does not pose a […]