Have a green stay! Third of travellers planning eco-friendly trips

A third (33%) of European travellers is planning to eco-friendly choices in the next year, according to a new survey. It found there is growing demand for more green choices, as more than a quarter (26%) actively made ‘green’ choices in the last 12 months. The surveyed also revealed nearly one in ten European travellers (9%) […]

Hostels bunk up with carbon footprint checker

The trade association for a string of Swiss hostels is bunking up with a sustainability firm to help its guests calculate their carbon footprint. When booking hostels online, guests can see exactly how much their carbon emissions use will be in each room. Holidaymakers are also given tips on how to cut their own energy […]

Quarter of holidaying Brits leave gadgets on

A quarter of Brits are leaving on their household gadgets while going on holiday. A new poll among 2,000 people found that 23% forget to unplug appliances like microwaves and DVD players. The biggest culprits were 18-to-24 year-olds, with almost a third admitting that they ‘forgot’ to unplug before packing their bags and leaving the […]