Pirates ‘hijack oil tanker off Nigerian coast’

A Nigerian-flagged oil tanker was attacked by armed pirates off the coast of Nigeria in West Africa over the weekend, according to reports. Gunmen are believed to have boarded the MT Matrix around 40 miles off the Nigerian state of Bayela early Saturday morning taking a number of crew hostage. 12 Pakistani and five Nigerian […]

Heat wave causes power cuts and violent protests in India

A heat wave across most parts of north and western India has led to electricity cuts, water shortages and even violent protests against power firms. Reports claim angry residents in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh set fire to a fire station and held power company employees hostage for several hours. The power cuts left […]

Cameron condemns “savage” Algeria gas field attack

The Prime Minister strongly condemned the group responsible for the hostage crisis at British firm BP’s gas field in Algeria this morning. On Wednesday in the early hours the In Amenas gas field jointly owned by BP, Norwegian firm Statoil and Algeria’s Sonatrach was raided by a band of terrorists, which is still holding a […]

Briton dead in BP gas facility in Algeria

Foreign Secretary William Hague has confirmed that one British person has been shot dead and a number of others are being held hostage in the BP gas plant in Algeria. Reports claim as many as 41 foreign workers, including British nationals, are believed to have been kidnapped and Algerian troops have surrounded the field located […]