Guest Blog: Jo Butlin – Is opportunity for energy buyers and renewable generators lost?

When opportunity knocks, so the saying goes, you’d be unwise to ignore the rap on the door. Unfortunately under one of the Government’s new electricity market schemes the opportunity to hook up energy end users directly with renewable generators could well be lost. With forward energy prices likely to continue being volatile through this decade […]

Guest Blog: Jo Butlin – The right strategy to address future energy costs

Market forces and policy changes are creating an increasingly strategic energy challenge that businesses need to address. To counter price and supply risks, companies need to develop an energy strategy that provides secure and affordable supply. Put simply, this can be done with a combination of buying strategies, demand management strategies – and standing on […]

Guest Blog: Jo Butlin – Time to change the story on energy prices

Was it just me who got angry when they read the ‘shock’ news last week that British Gas was putting up prices again? And it wasn’t anger about the news per se but more that the focus of the story again pointed to profiteering from energy suppliers. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that […]

Government’s green bank plans ‘too focused on large utilities’

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of ‘green’ energy has warned that the government’s plans for a Green Investment Bank are too focused on large utilities. SmartestEnergy has welcomed the publication of a report by the Green Investment Bank Commission, also known as the Wigley Report, which effectively set out a blueprint for the construction […]