New Aussie PM: “We will scrap the carbon tax”

Australia’s new Prime Minister has confirmed he intends to gun down the nation’s carbon tax. Tony Abbott was sworn in as Prime Minister today at a ceremony where he pledged to “well and truly serve the people of Australia”, after a Liberal-National party coalition beat the incumbent Labor and Green party coalition in the September […]

Australia scrapping carbon price early

New Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is planning to scrap the country’s carbon tax and replace it with an emissions trading scheme. Weeks after reclaiming leadership of the Labor Party and Australian Government from his colleague Julia Gillard, Mr Rudd announced the change. Over the weekend, the Prime Minister told reporters: “The Cabinet is working […]

Australia shelves emissions trading scheme

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has shelved the country’s Emissions Trading Scheme until 2013. The ETS is a cap and trade scheme under which the government would calculate the total amount of pollution that could be emitted by businesses each year. Each business would then be given a permit with a fixed amount of emissions. […]