Tim Yeo dropped as candidate by local Conservative party

The MP Tim Yeo who chairs parliament’s Energy Select Committee has been dropped by his local Conservative party as its candidate for the next election. The Executive Council of the South Suffolk Conservative Association met on Friday evening and voted against re-adopting him in a secret ballot. Mr Yeo now has three options: accept the decision, […]

Are energy suppliers being proactive enough?

The heads of UK energy suppliers were quizzed today on whether they are being proactive enough in helping people get lower bills. The questioning came from MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee at the House of Commons this morning, where they grilled top executives from the “Big Six” suppliers about how they […]

New Green Deal group for vulnerable homes formed

A new group met for the first time today to discuss how the poor and vulnerable in society can get benefits from the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The ‘Green Deal Hard to Reach Households Panel’ will help DECC identify the main reasons that could be preventing vulnerable households from accessing the programmes. […]

Shadow Secretary says solar cuts are "idiotic"

The new Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary has attacked the Coalition’s energy policy today and questioned the recent Feed-in Tariff review which has been “cut off at the knees with just six week’s notice.” Referring to Energy Secretary’s Chris Huhne’s recently announced slashing of subsidy Caroline Flint said to Parliament: “It’s his cuts that […]

Rural areas could thrive on renewables

Rural areas could be given a financial boost by renewables, claim the advocates of a new report. Global insurer RSA released the Emerging Risks Briefing with charity WWF to look at whether investment in renewable energy can drive economic growth. Projects are often located in remote rural areas, many miles offshore or in desert terrain, […]