EU approves reduced nuclear levy for energy intensive users in Slovakia

The National Nuclear Fund finances the costs related to the decommissioning and treatment of nuclear waste and spent fuel

Rising non-energy costs a "threat" to Europe's industrial buyers

Rising non-energy costs are an increasing “threat” to industrial energy buyers in Europe according to a new report by EnergyQuote JHA. The energy consultancy surveyed eight key markets in Europe ahead of its bi-annual energy price forecasting conference: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The survey found non-energy costs such […]

5p bag charge cuts use by 80% in Northern Ireland

A new five pence charge on carrier bags in Northern Ireland brought in at the end of spring may have cut their use as much as 80%. The impressive reduction was revealed by official statistics released by the Department of the Environment (DOE) this week. The Provisional Carrier Bag Levy figures show 17.5 million single […]