Is the City sleepwalking to energy audit shock?

A government rule forcing large companies to get an energy audit or face up to £90,000 in fines could catch as many as 14,000 firms – including many in the financial sector. Industry estimates previously pegged the number at 10,000, while the Department of Energy and Climate Change has a more conservative expectation of 7,400. […]

Energy managers save NHS pay “many times over”

Energy managers have been stoutly defended for saving the NHS “many times” their own salaries after getting a bashing from the Taxpayers’ Alliance. The body criticised a number of NHS Trusts for overspending on energy and branded energy and sustainability roles – alongside PR and EU positions – as a waste of public cash. But […]

An energy saving tale at London Zoo

ELN reporter Thomas Grimwood finds out why London Zoo became the first certified Low Energy Company at the launch of a new scheme.

New guidelines for businesses to manage energy usage

A new code of conduct with clear and easy guidelines to help businesses manage and cut their energy bills and take efficient measures is underway. The Energy Managers Association (EMA) and its partner companies will be writing the guidelines in a “standardised” way for what it calls Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC). Lord Redesdale (pictured), CEO […]

Time to get qualified?

Lord Redesdale talks to ELN about the benefit of official qualifications for energy managers.