MEPs refuse to veto car emissions test update

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have failed to veto a plan to raise NOx emission limits for diesel cars. They rejected the proposal by 323 votes to 317 after the European Commission promised a review clause and tabled a long-term legislative proposal to renovate the EU car approval regime. They however passed a deal […]

Tougher EU air pollution targets ‘could save €40bn’

The European Parliament has called for tougher caps on air pollution across the EU. The Environment Members of the European Parliament (MEP) suggest emissions should be cut by 70% across the EU and save €40 billion (£57bn) in air pollution costs by 2030. Six main pollutants are being targeted including sulphur dioxide, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. […]

New EU efficiency measures “make economic sense”

The European Parliament’s decision on new measures for energy efficiency “makes economic sense”, according to a UK MEP who says it will be worth it for the Government to stick to the targets. The announcement made earlier this week includes EU member states implementing energy-saving methods to help reach the goal of cutting 20% greenhouse […]