ASDA criticised for using “climate-damaging” air con systems at some of its stores

The retail giant has installed cooling units using a potent climate-harming refrigerant, an international NGO has claimed

Clean energy in refugee camps ‘could save $323m’

Investing in clean energy in refugee camps could save millions of dollars as well increase sustainability. That’s according to new research which stated using cook stoves and basic solar lanterns could help reduce $323 million (£213m) a year in fuel costs in return for a one-time investment of $335 million (£221.1m) for the equipment. They could […]

MPs lobby group denies fracking funding

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Unconventional Oil and Gas has rubbished claims it is entirely funded by the fracking industry and run by fracking lobbyists. In a recent article, the Private Eye magazine said since the launch of the Group in February this year, it has received £25,000 from “a bunch of firms” […]

Indian city’s first solar water treatment plant

India’s capital city has had its first solar-powered water treatment plant installed. Operated by Social Awareness, Newer Alternatives (SANA), a non-governmental organisation, the facility which cost around $45,000 (£28,000) has been installed at a Government school in New Delhi to help under-privileged students. Reports claim the pilot plant is expected to produce 5,000 litres of […]