Climate protesters sentenced for occupying EDF’s power plant

Twenty one protesters were sentenced yesterday for aggravated trespass after occupying a gas-fired power station last year. Although none faced jail sentences, 16 of the climate activists were given community service orders of between 150-200 hours while the other five received 18-month conditional discharges. They scaled the chimneys of EDF Energy’s newly built West Burton […]

Editorial – EDF gets EDF’d!

So it’s happened EDF has climbed down from its planned £5m lawsuit against climate protestors who occupied its West Burton gas plant after an online campaign against them garnered 60,000 signatures. In all it’s been one of the biggest PR blunders I can think of in the energy sector, a headline writer’s dream and a […]

EDF drops £5m lawsuit against gas protestors

French energy giant EDF has dropped its £5million lawsuit against gas protestors in what was described as a “dramatic climb down” by climate activists. The firm dropped the suit in exchange for banning the 21 protestors facing the massive change from EDF power station sites in future. It comes as 64,000 people signed an online […]

50,000 sign petition against EDF lawsuit

An online petition demanding EDF to stop its £5 million legal action towards protestors who occupied its West Burton power station is nearing 50,000 signatures. The French-owned energy supplier has launched a civil claim for damages against members of the No Dash For Gas campaign group, which broke into the power station last October and […]

Power station protestors end seven day occupation

Protestors who have been occupying EDF’s newest gas power station ended their seven day protest by handing themselves in to the Nottinghamshire police. Yesterday the last two campaigners from No Dash for Gas abseiled down the side of one of the chimneys. Originally 16 activists had been camping in suspended rigs in the flues of […]

Arrests as power plant chimney protest rumbles into fifth day

A protest up two chimneys of EDF Energy’s newest gas power station is continuing to rumble on after a spate of arrests at the site in Nottinghamshire yesterday evening. Half of the 15 activists who have been occupying the 1,300MW West Burton plant intend to come down from the chimneys today, after ‘zipwiring’ from one […]

Gas plant protestors slammed for “wasting” taxpayers’ money

Protestors who scaled the chimneys of a new Nottinghamshire gas plant to raise concerns over a “dash for gas” have been drubbed for wasting more than £200,000 of taxpayers’ money. Early yesterday morning police were called to the scene when around 20 activists climbed the outer walls and abseiled down the inside of two enormous […]