Ithaca strikes deal with Shell to market Cambo share

Shell may sell some or all of its 30% stake in the Cambo oil field project to Ithaca Energy to progress the project towards the final investment decision

Anglian Water slapped with £2.6m fine for discharging sewage in the North Sea

The Environment Agency officers uncovered Anglian Water’s monthly discharge of waste water equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools into the North Sea

UK and EU join forces to defend wind farms against threats

The UK and EU are teaming up to protect offshore wind farms from possible sabotage by Russia through joint patrols and intelligence sharing

UK offshore workers to hold 48-hour strike

Unite the union has announced 48-hour strike action in the offshore sector over pay and conditions demands, set to impact 1350 workers across five companies including bp, Shell and TotalEnergies

Could North Sea become the largest green energy power plant?

European leaders from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK will attend the second North Sea Summit in Ostend, Belgium

National Grid waves goodbye to North Sea carbon capture project

The company will reportedly withdraw from its proposed pipeline project in the Humber region, which aimed to transport CO2 emissions to the North Sea for carbon capture purposes

EU and Norway to form ‘Green Alliance’ on clean energy

The cooperation will reportedly focus on clean industries such as carbon capture, storage and hydrogen

“Russian spy ship spotted near Scottish wind farm”

It was claimed the ship was part of a fleet of espionage boats examining energy sites for possible sabotage

Sustain-air-ble: RAF Voyager refuels mid-air using SAF

The Royal Air Force has completed an air-to-air refuelling flight using 43% sustainable aviation fuel

North Sea gas production upgrade – a Shell of a success

Shell has completed an upgrade of the Pierce field in the UK Central North Sea, enabling the production of gas after years of oil production