‘UK seeks financial backing from banks for North Sea oil projects’

Major financial institutions, including Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest have reportedly been invited by the Treasury for discussions aimed at revitalising investments in North Sea oil and gas ventures

“Ship is still on fire”: What caused the ongoing fatal fire on the car carrier?

A massive car carrier ship, carrying nearly 3,000 vehicles, caught fire off the Dutch coast, resulting in one crew member’s death and several injuries

UK introduces price floor to North Sea windfall tax

The government has confirmed that the Energy Profits Levy will continue with a 75% tax rate on North Sea oil and gas production for the next five years, falling to 40% when prices return to normal levels

‘UK risks £9bn expense on foreign gas due to heat pump delay’

The government’s slow progress on implementing heat pumps could result in additional expenses of up to £3,000 per household by 2035, according to a report

20 licences offered to store UK emissions

The UK has offered licenses for carbon storage sites to successful applicants – these sites have the potential to store up to 10% of the country’s annual emissions

Netherlands shut down wind turbines to protect birds

In anticipation of a significant bird migration over the North Sea, the wind turbines at Borssele and Egmond aan Zee were temporarily halted for four hours

Ithaca strikes deal with Shell to market Cambo share

Shell may sell some or all of its 30% stake in the Cambo oil field project to Ithaca Energy to progress the project towards the final investment decision

Anglian Water slapped with £2.6m fine for discharging sewage in the North Sea

The Environment Agency officers uncovered Anglian Water’s monthly discharge of waste water equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools into the North Sea

UK and EU join forces to defend wind farms against threats

The UK and EU are teaming up to protect offshore wind farms from possible sabotage by Russia through joint patrols and intelligence sharing

UK offshore workers to hold 48-hour strike

Unite the union has announced 48-hour strike action in the offshore sector over pay and conditions demands, set to impact 1350 workers across five companies including bp, Shell and TotalEnergies