Russia displeased with USA’s fresh Iran sanctions

Russia has hinted its bilateral relations with the United States could be “seriously” affected by fresh sanctions against Iran authorised by Obama last week. The soviets’ foreign ministry suggested the new measures – which include penalising insurers, banks and firms which help Iran’s oil sector – weren’t authorised by the UN and could be a […]

Iran says it can last “years” of oil sanctions

Iran can last for “three years” without demand for its oil. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly made the claim yesterday in what seems to be a show of strength in the face of EU sanctions, which are designed to pressure the Middle Eastern state into dropping its nuclear power programme. President Ahmadinejad said: “Some people think […]

Clinton backs 11 countries adopting Iran oil cuts

Eleven countries are “significantly” cutting the oil they buy from Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in a statement of support yesterday. Japan joins the UK in cutting oil from Iran, alongside EU stalwarts France, Germany and Spain, as well as the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. Secretary of […]