Can you define a smart meter?

A smart meter is “quite a difficult term” to explain and consumers need to be aware of what it is and the benefits it brings. Paul Nickson, Commercial Director – Smart Metering at British Gas told ELN the message needs to be spread and people must be aware of it ahead of the official roll-out […]

Customers with smart meters ‘generally more satisfied’

Consumers who have smart meters installed in their homes are “generally 40% more satisfied” than those who haven’t, British Gas claims. The energy supplier has installed smart meters in over a million homes and businesses across the UK and its research revealed customers are taking “active steps” to better manage their consumption. Paul Nickson, Commercial […]

Get involved in smart meter rollout early, says British Gas

Power provider British Gas believes other suppliers should “get involved early” in rolling out smart meters across the UK. The Big Six company has already installed smart meters in around 1.3 million homes and businesses, which has helped the firm learn more about the new technology ahead of the Government’s official rollout starting next year. […]

British Gas appoints Olympics man to lead smart meter roll out

British Gas has appointed a new director to lead the roll out of smart meters to its customers – who was instrumental in the smooth movement of all athletes, dignitaries and officials into and out of London for the Olympics last year. The company will be hoping Paul Nickson pulls in another gold medal-winning performance as […]