Australia potential natural gas leader

Australia could be the world leader in exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) within the next decade, a new report claims. Peter Kiernan, Lead Analyst in Energy at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) told ELN the country could have around 85million tonnes of LNG capacity by 2020. The EIU’s new report looked at the potential growth […]

New UAE pipeline bypasses Gulf

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have opened up and started operating a pipeline for oil exports which bypasses the Strait of Hormuz. The new link is expected to double the total pipeline capacity to 6.5million barrels a day, according to reports. The move will also reduce Iran’s power over oil markets as the country has […]

Chinese gas reforms will affect exporters

International reports claim China has submitted a blueprint for its natural gas sector under its 12th Five Year Plan. Such plans could greatly affect gas exporters, suggests an energy analyst. As part of a strategy to reduce dependency on coal China intends to ramp up domestic production of natural gas over the next few years. […]

ENI-Rosneft Arctic deal reveals offshore trend

This week’s deal between ENI and Rosneft to explore the Russian Arctic reveals the growing importance of offshore oil and gas, according to analysts. This week the Italian and Russian energy firms said they would be looking for oil and gas together in the offshore Arctic region. “It reflects the broader industry trend of International […]

Experts back new shale measures

Experts in the energy sector have welcomed a report published today which has given the UK shale industry scope for the future. The report admitted fracking may produce minor tremors, but that as long as certain risk-mitigating measures were adhered to, there was the possibility of a safe future for shale on UK shores. The […]

Mozambique at heart of East African gas boom

Mozambique is at the heart of a rush for East African gas, according to analysts at the Economist Intelligence Unit. They believe firms are looking in new locations for gas because historically producing areas such as the Middle East are tricky to break into. Peter Kiernan, Energy Analyst claims the “biggest story” is offshore gas […]

Shale gas backtracking takes ‘gloss’ off new fuel

BG Group is cutting back on shale gas activity in the States, it revealed in its annual strategy update last week. Analysts believe this is part of a wider trend as the “gloss” comes off the new fuel source. BG expects its US rig count to fall from 35 to around eight this year “in […]