BHP takeover shale specialists Petrohawk

Mining giants BHP Billiton have bought out the remaining shares of US Shale Gas specialist Petrohawk Energy for a reported $12.1bn (£7.5bn) in cash, at around US$38.75 per Petrohawk share. Approximately 97.4% of the outstanding shares (around 293.9 million) of Petrohawk were sold. Petrohawk will cease to exist on the New York Stock Exchange. BHP […]

BHP swoops on Petrohawk shale

BHP Billiton has swooped on a deal to buy Petrohawk Energy. If signed off, the deal would bring three shale gas sites into BHP’s hand. The energy companies have agreed a selling price of $38.75 per share. J. Michael Yeager, BHP Billiton Petroleum Chief Executive, said: “Petrohawk has a focused portfolio of three world class […]