Editorial – Price cuts are pointless PR stunts

There I’ve said it. What’s the point of price cuts? Just as August is silly season, January is normally price cut/price rise time for the Big Six and anyone else. Today the last of them announced cuts and as ever they are all roughly the same (around 5% this year) and as ever they don’t […]

Editorial – EDF gets EDF’d!

So it’s happened EDF has climbed down from its planned £5m lawsuit against climate protestors who occupied its West Burton gas plant after an online campaign against them garnered 60,000 signatures. In all it’s been one of the biggest PR blunders I can think of in the energy sector, a headline writer’s dream and a […]

Canadian nuclear PR campaign launched

The Canadian Nuclear Association has launched an online PR drive to persuade Canadians that nuclear energy is safe and reliable. The society has created a new micro-site with “fun and interesting facts” about nuclear, such as plans to send rockets to the moon by nuclear, or the irradiation of food to prolong its sell by […]