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Fine issued for gas venting breach

Perenco UK Limited faces a £225,000 penalty from the North Sea Transition Authority for venting 59 tonnes of gas without consent

Perenco UK Limited has been fined £225,000 by the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) for breaching venting regulations.

The company exceeded its permitted gas venting limit by 59 tonnes from its Dimlington onshore gas processing plant without proper consent.

Operating within venting obligations is crucial for oil and gas producers, with strict guidelines in place.

Despite having monitoring systems, Perenco lacked internal mechanisms to address risks promptly, resulting in unauthorized venting until a new consent was issued.

Jane de Lozey, NSTA Director of Regulation, said: “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining UK energy supply, is essential, and we acknowledge industry’s response to both of those challenges.

“Operating within consent and prompt engagement with the NSTA helps maintain confidence in the sector. However, as today’s fine demonstrates, we will take firm action for any failures to meet regulatory obligations.”

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