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EDF introduces competitive new tariff

EDF has launched a new tariff, the Essentials 1Yr May25, which is priced at £1,580 for a one-year fix, positioning it as an attractive option for consumers.

A fixed tariff maintains consistent rates for both gas or electricity usage and the standing charge until the contract expires.

Despite fluctuations in the wholesale energy price, customers continue paying the agreed-upon rate, potentially resulting in overpayment if energy prices decrease.

Forecasted to remain competitive until April 2025, this tariff offers potential savings of £50 annually, based on current projections.

To access the tariff, customers must have or agree to install a smart meter, allowing access to the Energy Hub platform for personalised energy insights.

Rich Hughes, Director of Retail at EDF, said: “At EDF, we are passionate about all our customers saving cash on their energy bills.

“That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our best fixed-price tariff since 2021, now £110 lower than the current industry cap.”

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