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Major investment fuels Morocco – UK power link

GE Vernova has invested $10.2 million in Xlinks' Morocco – UK Power Project, set to deliver renewable energy to seven million British homes

Energy company GE Vernova has invested $10.2 million (£8.1m) in the Morocco – UK Power Project, aiming to accelerate its delivery.

The project seeks to provide renewable energy to power approximately seven million British homes, contributing nearly 8% of Britain’s domestic electricity needs within a decade.

Upon completion, the project’s wind and solar generation, along with flexible battery storage, are expected to supply 3.6 gigawatts (GW) of clean power, satisfying around 8% of Britain’s current electricity demands.

The construction of wind and solar generation facilities, along with battery storage, in southern Morocco will be interconnected to Britain via 4,000 kilometres of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) sub-sea cables, facilitating electricity transmission.

GE Vernova has joined other investors such as TAQA, TotalEnergies, Octopus Energy, and AFC.

James Humfrey, CEO Xlinks First Ltd, said: “Xlinks is committed to meeting the UK’s need for reliable, affordable, zero-carbon energy while maximising the socio-economic benefits of the Project in Morocco.”

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