GnERGY issued with failure to comply notice over unpaid Renewable Obligation taxes

The energy supplier told ELN it has merged with a company, which will ensure a ‘very large investment’

Breeze Energy told to pay £486,232 in Renewable Obligation taxes

Ofgem said the supplier must make the necessary payment immediately or face further action

Nabuh Energy ordered to pay £872k in green taxes

Ofgem said the supplier could lose its licence if the Renewables Obligation payments are not made

Energy supplier GnERGY issued with final order for unpaid green tax bill

Under the Renewables Obligation scheme, suppliers are required to demonstrate they have sourced enough electricity from renewable sources or pay into a buy-out fund

UK’s Renewables Obligation scheme closes

One of the UK Government’s main support mechanisms for large-scale renewable projects has closed to new generating capacity. Under the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme, suppliers must generate an increasing proportion of their electricity from green sources. Operators are issued RO certificates (ROCs) based on the amount of electricity they generate for a period of 20 […]

Weir buying hydro! Gazprom Energy signs seven year deal

Gazprom Energy will buy power from ten hydroelectric sites across England and Wales for seven years under a new deal kicking off today. The business energy supplier will take 17MW worth of power from independent renewable generator Infinis’ sites, including Barton Lock in Greater Manchester, Beeston Weir in Nottingham, the Elan Valley (pictured) in South […]

UK in midst of “flurry” in renewables investment

The UK is in the midst of a “flurry” in renewable energy investment as firms rush to make the most of certain returns on their cash. With the UK Government set to swap from one subsidy regime to a new one in 2017, investors are apparently making the most of the next few years when […]

Scottish Government cuts biomass support at 15MW

The Scottish Government has removed  subsidy for biomass power plants of more than 15MW due to concerns they will use too much wood. Energy Minister Fergus Ewing made the announcement for future support levels and said wood-fuelled biomass plants with more than 15MW of capacity will only receive support if they operate as combined heat […]

New support levels for solar and biomass

The Government has set out support levels designed to encourage new solar and biomass power generation developments. Under the new package, ground-mounted solar installations with more than 5MW of capacity will receive 1.6 Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) per megawatt hour from April next year and building-mounted systems will get 1.7 ROCs/MWh. The new support levels […]

DECC’s solar cuts “too big and too soon”

DECC’s new proposal to cut tariffs on solar installations are “too big and too soon”. That’s the view of the Solar Trade Association (STA) who have slammed last week’s Government’s consultation on solar support. DECC have proposed a reduction for large-scale solar installations from 2ROCs/MWh to 1.5 ROCs/MWh from March next year. But the STA […]