Blog – Time to put down the polar bear?

Is it time to put down the polar bear? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself this week as leaders met in New York for the UN Climate Summit, ever since I filmed the People’s Climate March in London on Sunday. It was by far the largest green protest I’ve covered in four years on […]

Scottish vote ‘big driver of UK energy prices’

The “uncertainty” caused by the Scottish vote weighed heavily on the minds of power and gas traders, suggests the weekly Y Report from Inenco. Risk Manager Matthew Osborne said: “This week the markets have been largely driven by the fallout from the Scottish Referendum and concerns of slightly tighter supply margins.” He added: “That could […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Worst Case Scenarios in the Scottish referendum

Having been burnt too many times when taking an optimistic view of things I’ve learnt a lot (I hope) about risk management over the years. Now I always keep a weather-eye on what the possible Worst Case Scenario may be in any situation. Which brings us to the many uncertainties in the wider energy sector […]

Scottish oil cash to tail off by 2035 – Sir Ian Wood

Oil magnate Sir Ian Wood dipped a toe in the debate on Scottish independence yesterday by suggesting oil reserves off the Scotch coast may tail off by 2035. He told the BBC: “Oil and gas will deplete. Scotland cannot count on significant oil and gas revenues to Treasury, I’m going to guess probably after 2035, […]

Would Aberdeen be “loser” of Scottish independence?

It was a tale of two energy ministers in Aberdeen this week as the war of words over Scottish independence continued. Declaring Aberdeen would be a “loser” if Scotland votes to break away from England, the UK’s Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon drew glum looks from Fergus Ewing, his Scottish counterpart. The pair was […]