Only a third of public would support fracking despite cash payments

Only a third of the public would support fracking even if they got cash. A survey by YouGov published by Friends of the Earth asked more than 1,000 people if they would allow shale exploration near their houses if they were paid up to £10,000. It follows the government’s consultation on wether or not give […]

Government told to fast track fracking

A think tank has called on the government to “speed up” shale exploration in the country. The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) stated fracking would establish the full extent and economic viability of the nation’s substantial resources. The GWPF’s announcement follows the government’s consultation to give cash payments to those residents who live near shale […]

Fracking payments for householders: Reactions

  The government’s plan to give cash payment to those who live near shale exploration sites has received mixed reactions. UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) has welcomed the news as they believe “local people should share in the success of the industry and be rewarded for hosting sites on behalf of others in the […]