Digital twin drives ‘carbon-neutral’ wastewater treatment plant

Severn Trent Water aims to remove direct process emissions from wastewater treatment using digital twin technology

Robotic solar farm to be built in the UK

The University of York has partnered with Siemens to build a solar farm for robotic research

Siemens and Osprey to install 1,500 EV chargers over next four years

This will help meet the ongoing demand for public EV charging options

Russia to close Nord Stream 1 taps for three days

Gazprom has said the gas supply will be ceased due to a “three-day servicing” in a “preventive maintenance period”

Gazprom says it cannot guarantee the safe operation of Nord Stream

The energy giant stated it did not know if the gas turbine would eventually be returned from Canada

Canada faces legal action over its decision to return Nord Stream 1 turbine

A Ukrainian group has said Canada’s decision to allow the return was not “reasonable, transparent or properly authorised”

Russia’s Gazprom reduces Nord Stream gas flows to Europe again

Germany’s Economy Minister accused the company of trying to drive energy prices higher

ELN at AVEVA PI World Amsterdam 2022: “Fossil fuels are not going away”

We spoke to AVEVA’s Chief Executive Peter Herweck how digital innovation can drive sustainability and business growth

Rumours for the future of Gazprom Energy grow

The company is allegedly in search of a buyer after key clients are considering exiting their contracts

Ex Ørsted chief joins bp

Matthias Bausenwein will lead bp’s offshore wind business