Honda backs smart battery firm Moixa in £8.6m funding round

Moixa currently manages energy storage systems in 7,000 homes across the UK and Japan, aggregating a combined capacity of 70MWh

Grid balancing project worth £10.8m for Isles of Scilly

Smart home batteries and electric vehicles (EVs) could soon be used to balance energy supply and demand. That’s according to battery firm Moixa, which aims to prove this with a new £10.8 million project on the Isles of Scilly. It will develop learning algorithms to ensure when EVs are deployed they are maintained at a state of […]

UK smart battery firm receives £1.2m investment

A Scottish technology specialist firm has received an investment worth £1.2 million. Dukosi will use the cash to boost the development and commercialisation of its smart battery technology for hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs), renewables, grid and local energy storage. The battery management system ensures the safe operation of large batteries, increases their operational performance and […]