Hertfordshire lights up streets with LED upgrades

The switch to LED street lighting is expected to eliminate almost 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and save Hertfordshire’s taxpayers around £5m a year

Council down under gets smart with street lighting pilot

The technology is expected to pay for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs

Solar street lighting market ‘to reach $17.8bn by 2024’

The solar street lighting market is forecast to grow to $17.78 billion (£12bn) by 2024. That’s an increase from $2.72 billion (£1.8bn) last year, a new report suggests. It claims Asia Pacific was the largest market for solar street lighting globally, accounting for a 44% share in 2015. India was the leader “in terms of […]

Olé! Madrid gets smarter with green lighting

In an effort to become a ‘smart city’ Madrid will upgrade its infrastructure by replacing all of its street lighting to energy efficient lighting. The Spanish capital is getting 225,000 new energy saving bulbs from Philips. The upgrade will include energy efficient luminaires – that is, light fixtures – on avenues, streets and historic monuments. The project is a collaboration […]

BMW’s new street lights power up EVs

BMW has unveiled a street lighting system equipped with sockets that could keep electric vehicles topped up. The ‘Light and Charge’ prototype system combines LED street lights with charging points for EVs and is expected to be rolled out as part of a pilot project in Munich, Germany next year. The luxury car manufacturer said […]

Indian cities’ huge energy savings from switching to LEDs

Cities and municipalities across India are slashing their electricity usage and energy bills by switching traditional street lights to low carbon LEDs. New data released by The Climate Group showed Haldia Development Authority in West Bengal (pictured) is saving around 70,000 KWh of electricity and more than $9,000 (£5,893) on its energy bills since installing […]