UK should get mandatory energy saving rules says efficiency boss

UK policy should forcibly push businesses towards saving energy suggests Stuart Thorogood, UK & Ireland Country President at Schneider Electric in an exclusive interview with ELN.

Using Less panel discussion

Tom Paul, Mark Ripley, Stuart Thorogood and Gregor Paterson-Jones discuss using less energy at Energy Live 2013.

Compare sites across countries to cut energy waste – Schneider

International businesses should compare buildings and sites between countries to push them to cut energy waste. That’s the advice of Schneider Electric’s UK Country President Stuart Thorogood who says “peer pressure” is a great way to slash energy use. Speaking at Energy Live 2013 last week, Mr Thorogood told the audience of large energy users […]

Using less energy is a ‘great insurance policy’

Cutting down on energy consumption is a “great insurance policy” for businesses, according to Stuart Thorogood (pictured), Managing Director of Schneider Electric in the UK & Ireland. He said efficiency is a great way to reduce energy use and that businesses need to be aware of how much energy they’re using and the costs involved. […]

Lights, camera, action – Energy Live 2013 is here!

Never mind movie stars – today the London Film Museum is set to be graced with the A-List of energy at Energy Live 2013. November has finally swung around again since our first conference went down such a storm a year ago. Today hundreds of the UK’s energy buyers and managers will gather to hear […]

Energy Live 2013 – Stuart Thorogood invites you to EL2013

Stuart Thorogood, UK Country President of Schneider Electric invites you to Energy Live 2013

Are smaller businesses more in touch with their energy spend?

When it comes to spending money on energy and being efficient you could be forgiven for thinking bigger corporate firms would be most on the ball. Surprisingly that may not be the case if the keen eye of Schneider Electric’s UK Country President is anything to go by. He believes smaller businesses could actually be […]

‘UK should copy French late night energy ban’

It would ruin the Blackpool illuminations (pictured) and rid London of Soho’s neon signs – but this week it was proposed the UK should follow the lead of the French and bring in a ban on leaving lights switched on overnight. Last month France’s rule outlawing lights not being used at businesses, shops and public […]