UK historic theatre pleads for help to tackle skyrocketing energy bills

The annual electricity bill of the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds has soared by £47,000

Bike-mad actors bag green Edinburgh award

An acting troupe has just won a round of green applause – for cycling 2,000 miles between theatres. Four performers in The HandleBards bagged the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award for their green tour. By cycling around Europe and the UK to perform Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’ and ‘Macbeth’ rather than driving, it’s estimated […]

Ta da! Half of arts groups “reaped cash benefits” from green action

More than half (55%) of arts groups in the UK got financial benefits after carrying out green or sustainable actions suggests a new report. What’s more, two in five arts organisations said environmental sustainability is a high priority and the same proportion found green work has boosted their profile and reputation. A total of 337 […]

Nottingham Playhouse gets £1m for green makeover

An iconic theatre in Nottingham has been awarded a grant worth almost £1 million to help it become more energy efficient. The Nottingham Playhouse (pictured), a Grade II listed building which marks its 50th anniversary this year, was opened in 1963 and the architecture of the theatre makes it expensive to heat and light. It […]

Blog: To be or not to be – energy’s always the question

There’s often so much focus these days on the threat of climate change that no one pauses to consider the possibility of any other potentially world-destroying natural phenomena. Such as an LA-sized meteor crashing into Earth and eradicating every single life form on the planet. Not so the writer of a play I went to […]