Nearly a fifth of Brits admit leaving the heating on during summer

Nearly 26% of adults leave the heating on when there is no one at home, a new report finds

UK smart heating start-up secures $100k funding

Ovon claims its technology can help consumers reduce their heating bills by up to 30%

Smart thermostat usage hots up across 1.5m UK homes

Around 500,000 new customers installed smart thermostats last year alone

Smart thermostat turns down the heat on energy usage

A new smart thermostat expected to cut energy costs by adjusting heating as energy prices fluctuate has been launched. Altology’s Themo product can be used with a cloud-based optimisation software called SLS Cloud to maximise its green effects. The developers of both technologies claim they are already helping reduce electricity heating costs across a number […]

British Gas updates smart home gadgets

British Gas has updated its range of smart home technologies. It has unveiled a new thermostat and a pipeline of products covering lighting, plugs, motion detection and door and window sensors are expected to be launched soon. They are part of its ‘Hive’ range – which was launched in 2013 – and follows the purchase […]

EXCLUSIVE: North-South split for heating habits

It may not come as a surprise to some – but where you live affects when you turn on the heating. Not only that, how old you are affects this as well, suggests a new report looking into the heating habits of Brits. The survey of 1,000 people by price comparison service Make it Cheaper […]

Google buys ‘smart’ thermostat start-up for $3.2bn

Google has announced it is set to buy a “smart” thermostat start-up company in a deal worth $3.2 billion (£1.9bn). Nest, founded by two former Apple executives, has developed a thermostat (pictured) which it claims can help lower heating and cooling bills by up to 20% by learning user behaviour. It can work out whether […]

Household battles waged over the thermostat

Squabbles between husband and wife are nothing new – but strangely energy could be another spark of contention. A new study found nearly half (49%) of married or partnered Florida residents change the thermostat without their other half’s knowledge but prefer not to argue about it. US energy firm Florida Power & Light Company commissioned […]