npower’s Wayne Mitchell on nuclear’s future

Does thorium have the answer to our energy needs? As we move to a low-carbon economy, generating sufficient carbon-free energy to make the use of fossil fuels a true thing of the past is a huge challenge. Nuclear is often touted as the most viable large scale source of low carbon electricity to support other […]

A new vision for nuclear fission?

Jae Mather discusses the practicality of Thorium reactors and boy does he have something to say. Other Nuclear stories: Doug Parr: reasons to doubt nuclear EDF puts in planning consent for Hinkley Point nuclear International nuclear team surveys UK safety

Thorium: The future of the nuclear energy generation

The contents of this article might sound like they were extracted from one of Arthur C Clarke science fiction novels but believe me they are real and backed by years of research. According to the International Energy Agency the world is on the verge of an energy crisis and we need to find a viable, […]