Are energy supplier break-ups the hardest of all?

  More than a tenth of people say they have found it harder to ‘break up’ with their energy supplier than end a romance. That’s according to a survey from, which asked 2,000 adults about the dynamics of their energy tariff relationships. The research also found around 40% of Brits have been with their […]

Love the environment? Skip Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is bad news for the environment. That’s the suggestion from sustainable group Greener Ideal, which says the billions of cards exchanged on the romantic day often contribute to deforestation and end up in landfills. It suggests making cards out of reclaimed paper by hand or buying cards made from recycled materials is one way […]

Blog: Light up your loved one’s life

I hate Valentine’s Day. I don’t like celebrating it because I dislike the fact that someone had to set a specific date for one to show their love or give presents to their loved ones. It’s all a money-making scheme! Look at the ‘Valentine’s Special’ menu in a restaurant and they’ve hiked all the prices! […]

No Valentine’s in sight for energy suppliers

It looks like energy customers won’t be sending their suppliers many Valentine’s cards this year – but there may be plenty of complaints. Not after new figures show the Big Six energy companies received more than 5.5 million complaints in 2013. The giant volume of complaints ranged from issues with bills, metering, customer service and […]

Give ‘green’ roses this Valentine’s Day

Will you be giving a flower bouquet to your loved one this Valentine’s Day? If the answer is yes, then why not make it a ‘green’ one! Retailer Marks & Spencer is using a special kind of packing for its dozen fairtrade roses, which it claims uses less water, to transport thousands of flowers this […]