Scientists say climate change is natural

  Two scientists proposed alternative theories for climate change to ELN at the ‘New Dawn of Truth’ climate conference in London last week. They disagree with the current global warming narrative and even disagree with each other on some of the finer points. One thing they do agree on is that carbon dioxide has nothing […]

Iceland’s volcanoes could power UK homes

UK households could get their electricity supplied from Iceland’s volcanoes following an agreement signed yesterday between the two countries. This follows Energy Minister Charles Hendry’s visit to a power station in Iceland’s south west region earlier this week. The Memorandum of Understanding between the UK and Iceland could make way for geothermal power from the […]

Iceland’s volcanoes to power UK?

Iceland’s volcanoes could power the UK in the next decade. According to reports, the UK is mulling over building an undersea cable – or interconnector – with Iceland to take advantage of its geothermal power resources. Energy Minister Charles Hendry is to visit Iceland to discuss the possibility, he said in a newspaper interview. The link between […]