New national circular economy research hub to be based at University of Exeter

It forms part of a £30m programme to move the UK towards a circular economy, in which waste products and materials are reused, repaired or recycled to extend their lifecycle

Five new circular economy centres backed with £22.5m government funding

They will explore how reusing waste materials in the textiles, construction, chemical and metal industries could deliver environmental benefits

Need more power… need lower costs

Heat and power can be on tap, 24/7, all year round – with you in control. Refgas has spent 10 years perfecting a modular, transportable solution, aimed at industrial and commercial businesses which depend upon security of supply and stable costs for their electricity, heat and cooling. We hear about traditional coal-fired power stations being […]

Using waste materials to generate on-site heat and power

In the past, technologies capable of converting waste materials into electricity have either been huge, cathedral-scale incineration plants or unreliable, dirty and inefficient small-scale combustion systems. These just don’t work for industrial energy users, who need reliability, efficiency and impeccable green credentials – as well as a reasonable price tag. Finally, this technology has come […]