Step inside the tunnels powering London…

ELN visits the £1bn London Power Tunnels project, designed to support the capital’s demand for power and the UK’s net zero transition

Royal opening for £1bn ‘energy superhighway’ in London

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have officially opened a new electricity superhighway in London, which supplies power from below the capital’s streets. National Grid’s £1 billion London Power Tunnels project to rewire the capital consists of 200km of high voltage power cables inside a network of 32km of tunnels. They run from […]

London Power Tunnels start to dig deep

National Grid’s London Power Tunnels project has entered a new phase with the arrival of a second giant tunnel-boring machine. The project is part of a capital-wide plan to lay 32km of underground electricity cables. The massive machine, named Evelyn, will be used to tunnel 19 kilometres of the 32km subterranean electricity superhighway. Evelyn joins […]