Scotland backs wave of innovative projects with £1.4m funding

Three projects will explore structural materials and manufacturing concepts over the next nine months

Big Zero Report 2022

Innovative wave energy projects in Scotland have been granted funding totalling £1.4 million.

Wave Energy Scotland (WES), a technology development body set up by the Scottish Government, is providing the funding to support further investigation of structural materials and manufacturing concepts to be used in the construction of wave technologies.

Arup will explore new ways of using precast reinforced concrete and how it can bring a step-change in the levelised cost of energy (LCoE) of wave energy converters.

CorPower Ocean will lead a team to demonstrate the viability of polyester/E-Glass material and assess the affordability, availability, survivability, performance and impact on the overall project LCoE.

The final project will be led by Tension Technology International, which will search new materials for flexible structures.

All the projects will take place over the next nine months.

Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands said: “The results from this research will help the wave energy sector grow and contribute to establishing a marine energy industry in Scotland.

“Scotland’s wave energy resources can make a valuable contribution to our renewable energy portfolio. Together with our supportive policy environment, skilled supply chain and expertise in energy innovation, Scotland is the ideal location for wave energy development and well placed to benefit from the enormous global market for marine energy.”

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