Making waves: Subsea battery triumphs in UK North Sea test

A renewable energy project has successfully concluded a four-month trial in the UK North Sea, demonstrating the feasibility of utilising a subsea battery system powered by a wave energy device

UK’s tidal energy future rides the crest of a Scottish wave

Edinburgh-based tidal energy company Nova Innovation has doubled the size of the ‘world’s first’ offshore tidal array

‘World’s largest’ tidal turbine bid got UK royal treatment

The Princess Royal visited the testing facility of a €10 million project

CorPower Ocean debuts commercial-scale wave energy converter

The new CorPower 4 device will form part of a four-system HiWave-5 project, off the coast of Aguçadoura in Portugal – creating what is claimed will be the world’s first grid-connected wave farms

US announces $25m to make waves in clean energy production

The funding supports eight projects that will make up the first round of open-water testing at the PacWave South test site, off the Oregon coast

Wave energy puts a rig on it!

The Swedish-headquartered developer CorPower has developed what is described as the world’s largest wave energy test rig

US provides $27m funding to make waves using ocean energy

The projects aim to advance wave energy technologies towards commercial viability

Can waves power oil and gas platforms?

A new study aims to explore the ability of a wave energy converter to decarbonise offshore oil and gas operations

Wave energy
New £7.5m wave of funding to develop marine energy technologies

The projects aim to overcome challenges of devices that capture the energy generated by waves and convert it into a renewable source of electricity

New innovation challenge focused on offshore renewable energy launched

Innovators are being sought to identify how marine geospatial data can be used to find suitable sites for offshore wind, tidal and wave energy infrastructure projects