New tech can smarten up non-smart EV chargers

EO Charging’s ‘eoALM’ device can automatically prioritise EV charging and adjust the power being supplied

The Big Zero report

An electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure developer has launched a new product to smarten up non-smart chargers.

EO Charging’s ‘eoALM’ technology takes the form of a small unit able to provide automatic load management by constantly monitoring the energy profile of a power system – it can prioritise EV charging, turn down the power being supplied and turn devices off if a site is nearing its power usage limit.

The firm says not every EV driver or business owner is in a position to invest in smart-charging technology but claims its product will enable these users to reach a simpler and more cost-effective charging solution.

Richard Earl, Chief Technology Officer at EO Charging, said: “The only solutions currently available are to invest in either an expensive upgrade to a sites power supply or smart charging infrastructure – a cost prohibitive option for most domestic EV drivers and small business owners.

“Not only does the ‘eoALM’ unit save on upfront capital investment but it can also prevent homeowners from drawing further power during spikes in energy usage, which is often at the most expensive time of the day.”

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