Nigeria banks on solar energy access with renewable collaboration

Daystar Power is also to equip branches of the Nigerian Bank of Agriculture with solar panels

Big Zero Report 2022

An African electricity supplier has teamed up with the state-owned Nigerian Bank of Agriculture to equip its branches with solar power and boost energy access across the country.

Daystar Power and Nigerian Bank of Agriculture have agreed to co-operate to electrify the nation’s rural regions, where it says a “large gap” between electricity production and demand means people suffer from an unreliable electricity supply, which has a negative impact on agricultural productivity.

The organisations say by supplying these areas with sustainable power, they can boost productivity and achieve higher crop yields through better cooling.

Daystar Power will also install solar power systems at the Bank of Agriculture’s 158 branch locations.

Kabir Mohammed Adamu, CEO of the Bank of Agriculture, said: “The Nigerian Government has set itself a target of 30% of renewable energies in the national energy mix by installing new solar plants with a capacity of 30GW by 2030. Our cooperation with Daystar Power will help us achieve this goal.”

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