Upside Energy and EDF sign demand side response deal

The move will allow customers to access additional revenue streams by selling excess energy

Big Zero Report 2022

Upside Energy has signed a deal with EDF to allow the supplier’s customers to sell their excess energy.

The move will enable them to create additional revenue streams through selling surplus power generated by on-site generation, which will also have the benefit of making the grid more flexible.

Upside Energy’s cloud-based platform will enable EDF to dispatch demand-side flexibility in real-time and manage the demand response of more than 100,000 devices or systems running in parallel.

Many large businesses currently shift their use of energy to avoid peak network charges – the new tool will give them better visibility of price fluctuations on the wholesale markets and help them predict future patterns.

EDF suggests flexibility within wholesale markets could be worth a total of £6 billion.

Jean-Benoit Ritz, Director of Innovation at EDF Energy, said: “PowerShift gives our business customers better access to DSR schemes, allowing them to pool their own sources of energy generation and adjust their energy use in response to demand, providing them with new revenue streams, whilst at the same time supporting grid flexibility.”

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