Ballard Power Systems gases up four UPS trucks with hydrogen fuel cells

The companies hope the vans will help reduce freight emissions in their area of operation

Big Zero Report 2022

Ballard Power Systems is to provide hydrogen fuel cell modules to power four UPS delivery trucks in the US.

The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) is managing the Next Generation Fuel Cell Delivery Van Deployment Project, which aims to develop, deploy and eventually commercialise the vehicles.

The completed trucks will be operated in parcel delivery service by UPS in Ontario, California.

The firm says current battery-powered UPS delivery trucks have a limited range, making them unsuitable for a number of routes – it expects the operation of the new vans in 2020 to be able to cover wider areas.

Rob Campbell, Ballard’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are confident in the dependability and durability of our fuel cell power solution, while also offering the required range and overall performance for this application.

“We see rapid hydrogen refueling as a better alternative approach than long battery recharging times.”

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