General Motors unveils electric bicycle – but what’s its name?

The company says its low carbon bikes will provide a clean alternative for commuters

General Motors has unveiled a new electric bike brand it says will offer revolutionary and flexible electrification technologies.

The company has already announced two innovative, integrated and connected eBikes – one folding and one compact – they are designed to provide a low carbon alternative to cars for commuting purposes.

The bikes use a small battery-powered electric motor to assist in pedaling, enabling easy riding up hills and over flat terrain.

The company has asked enthusiasts from around the world to help name the new brand, which it plans to begin selling in 2019.

A spokesperson for General Motors said: “When you ride on an e-bike, it feels like the wind is always at your back, whether you are going on a flat road or whether you are going up the biggest hill and you never worry about whether you’re going to make it up that steep hill.”

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