UK passes law for net zero emissions by 2050

It has become the first major economy in the world to do so

The UK has become the first major economy in the world to pass a law to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

That means emissions would be balanced by schemes to offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, such as planting trees or using technology like carbon capture and storage (CCS).

It changes the 2008 Climate Change Act, which had set a goal to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050.

Energy and Clean Growth Minister Chris Skidmore said: “The UK kick-started the Industrial Revolution, which was responsible for economic growth across the globe but also for increasing emissions.

“Today, we’re leading the world yet again in becoming the first major economy to pass new laws the reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 while remaining committed to growing the economy – putting clean growth at the heart of our modern Industrial Strategy.

“We’re pioneering the way for other countries to follow in our footsteps driving prosperity by seizing the economic opportunities of becoming a greener economy.”

BEIS adds the UK has already reduced emissions by 42% while growing the economy by 72%.

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