New UK low carbon energy data hub secures £4.6m EU funding

The Smart Efficient Energy Centre in Wales will look into using data science to improve the efficiency of low carbon energy systems

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A new hub in Wales that will explore options for using big data science to improve the energy efficiency of low carbon systems has secured £4.6 million of EU funding.

The Smart Efficient Energy Centre (SEEC) at Bangor University will conduct joint research between Welsh and international organisations and businesses into low carbon energy systems including offshore wind and marine energy and nuclear power.

Research will be based around the development of new cyber infrastructure and digital systems to increase the volume and speed of data analysis and generate new scientific insights and innovation in low carbon energy sectors.

Counsel General and Welsh Brexit Minister Jeremy Miles, who oversees EU funding in Wales said: “Developing creative solutions to renewable energy efficiency issues is vital as we tackle the global challenges of climate change.

“The Smart Efficient Energy Centre will be a dedicated facility, harnessing and developing international expertise in data science and renewable energy and putting Wales at the top of the global climate change research table.”

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