Fresh £1m funding to boost equality and diversity in the energy research community

Teams must have experience of researching energy as part of engineering or the physical, geological, biological and social sciences as well as equality, diversity and inclusion in an applied context

US awards $15.6m to accurately predict weather and climate patterns

The projects are expected to help scientists better understand one of the most challenging aspects of earth system modelling

Clean biofuels and bio-products research projects bag $45.5m

They are produced by converting biomass – made up of recently-living organic materials like crop and food waste and algae – and other waste resources into valuable low carbon alternatives to products

Governments of 23 countries announce $250bn investment in clean energy

This investment is part of the second phase of the Mission Innovation initiative, which was launched alongside the Paris Agreement in 2015

Major £30m national circular economy research programme launches

It aims to deliver environmental and economic benefits by helping industry and society to use fewer resources and reuse and recover products and materials instead of disposing of them after use

Climate change ‘causing devastating impacts on mental health’

A new study claims to have found a ‘clear relationship’ between the rise in the world’s temperatures and suicide rates

Scottish uni granted £20m to set up new hub to drive UK industrial decarbonisation

The Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre will be tasked with identifying and researching opportunities to reduce costs, risks, timescales and emissions

New £30m large-scale UK trial to remove greenhouse gases begins

One of the projects will investigate the management of peatlands to maximise their removal of greenhouse gas emissions

Researchers in Singapore join COP26 Universities Network

The collaboration will lead to four reports, investigating how a shift towards a lower carbon and more sustainable economy in Southeast Asian countries can be achieved

NI Water awards funding for research into benefits of large-scale battery storage tech

It follows six months of feasibility study, with the latest research identifying opportunities to use battery storage technologies within NI water to reduce energy consumption and cost, improve resilience and generate income