Bramble Energy unveils new HQ with hydrogen innovation hub

The hub aims to level up the UK’s hydrogen and fuel cell testing capability and accelerate the production of what it claims will be the ‘world’s first’ printed circuit board hydrogen fuel cell

EVs cause twice the road damage of petrol vehicles, study reveals

A new study shows EVs put 2.24 times more stress on roads than petrol vehicles, possibly worsening the UK’s pothole crisis

Robotic solar farm to be built in the UK

The University of York has partnered with Siemens to build a solar farm for robotic research

Scientist who helped link humans to climate change dies

Claude Lorius’ research helped prove that mankind has influenced global warming

Energy bills predicted to drop below £2,000 in July

Falling wholesale gas prices will drive this change, according to a new report

Offshore wind and solar closer than ever

A project aims to bring together offshore wind farms and solar PV

UK and Canada sign agreement to boost green tech supply chains

Countries have agreed to work together on critical minerals research and make supply chains more resilient

BEIS returns £1.6bn allocated to research funding

The Treasury has taken back the amount it had allocated for the UK’s involvement in the European Union’s research programme

UK forked out £90bn to protect households and businesses from record energy bills

Europe spent €768 billion on measures to shield customers amid the energy crisis, new research shows

Installers waiting on customers to show heat pump interest

A new report shows that without a shift in the market, installers remain reluctant to offer the low carbon solution