Battery set up could make water bills more predictable

2MW battery will connect to solar panels at the Clifton Marsh wastewater treatment works, which serves 260,000 homes and businesses in Lancashire

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A huge battery system could help consumers in the north of England with their water bills.

United Utilities are installing an energy storage system, using a 2MW battery connected to a solar power set up, at their wastewater treatment facility in Clifton Marsh, Preston. The system will be up and running by the summer.

Steve Slavin, head of renewable energy at United Utilities said: “Generating our own power, will allow us to predict our cost of treatment and stabilise bills for our customers.

“The batteries will also allow us to help National Grid even out the peaks and troughs in power demand throughout the day. This is exactly the sort of innovation water companies need to be embracing if we are to meet the sector’s goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2030.”

UK battery storage owner and operator Zenobe Energy Ltd will supply a 2MW battery storage system, which is claimed to be the ‘UK water industry’s largest battery system’ to date.

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