Total changes name and direction

The new name, TotalEnergies underpins the company’s strategic transformation into a broad energy business

Total has today announced its new name and visual identity has secured almost unanimous approval by the company’s shareholders.

The firm’s name has been changed to TotalEnergies. The revamp is accompanied by a new visual identity.

The change signifies the switch of the company’s strategy to becoming a broad energy business focused on the production and supply of clean energy.

Patrick Pouyanne, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TotalEnergies, said: “Energy is life. We all need it and it’s a source of progress. So today, to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet facing the climate challenge, we are moving forward, together, towards new energies.

“Energy is reinventing itself, and this energy journey is ours. Our ambition is to be a world-class player in the energy transition. That is why Total is transforming and becoming TotalEnergies.”

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